Art@840Madison Vol. 1: Yojiro Imasaka

September 20 - November 6, 2021 

From Sept. 20 to November  6, 2021, ART@840 Madison features a selection of original photographs by Yojiro Imasaka. Imasaka, a Japanese artist based in Brooklyn.


Imasaka’s impenetrable forests and labyrinths of flora slow us down with an immersive power beyond time and place. He captures the hidden remnants of primeval nature when human intervention has invaded every corner of the planet. Brought up in the ways of the Shinto religion, Imasaka finds the sacred essence in nature and strives to extract it through a classical large format 8x10 camera and labor-intensive darkroom process, particularly toning the gelatin silver print and other color alterations, to rekindle the inspiration of the place. Imasaka’s impenetrable forests and labyrinths of flora make us wonder if they are of the past, present, or future.


Location: The Armoury, 840 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10021
Hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am - 6 pm