ART@840Madison Vol. 2: You Yamauchi "DAWN"

November 30, 2021 - January 15, 2022 

Now through January  15, 2022, ART@840 Madison features a selection of original photographs from the Dawn Series (2006-2009) by Yu Yamauchi. 


Yamauchi lived in a hut on the summit of Mount Fuji for five months a year for four years ­– a total of 600 days. Each photograph was captured at dawn from the exact same location. By revealing the essence of an airy mystical place, Yamauchi gives us the rare opportunity to experience the incredible spectacle of Earth waking up from the perspective of one of the planet’s most breathtaking scenic points. Essential to the artist is the notion of a physical place situated between earth and the universe. Removed from society, Yamauchi reminds us that our planet is part of a boundless extent.


Using traditional film processes, Yamauchi fully renders the depth of colors and complexities of the skies to their fullest potential. A square-shaped format representing a window or traditional canvas reveals the astonishing colors and patterns of the ever-changing empty space between earth and sky. The clouds, both reflecting and absorbing light while constantly changing shapes, fuel the imagination like Rorschach tests in the sky. Some works, in a reversed position, seem like extraterrestrial scenes, suggesting Yamauchi's own Copernican discovery in interpreting these transcendent images.


Location: The Armoury, 840 Madison Avenue New York, NY 10021

Hours: Monday through Saturday, 10 am - 6 pm