1947                Born in Kanagawa, Japan

1970                BA in Photography, College of Art, Nihon University, Tokyo, Japan

1970-73          Mentored by Eikoh Hosoe, Tokyo, Japan


Currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan


Solo Exhibitions

2019                 “BLACKOUT” IBASHO Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium

2018                 “BLACKOUT” MIYAKO YOSHINAGA Gallery, New York, USA

2017                 “Body and Horizontal bar” PHOTO MASSAGE Gallery, Fukuoka, Japan

2017                 “Body and Horizontal bar” TOKI-NO-WASUREMONO Gallery, Tokyo,


2016                 “Flying Frying Pan 1979-1994” MIYAKO YOSHINAGA Gallery, New York,


2012                 “On the Circle” AKAAKA Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2012                 Installation: “Mise-en-scène”, AKAAKA Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2011                 “On the Circle” Osaka Nikon Salon, Osaka, Japan

2010                 “On the Circle” Shinjuku Nikon Salon, Tokyo, Japan

2009                 “On the Circle” Ginza Nikon Salon, Tokyo, Japan

2009                 “Wrap Trap Wrap” Café Daisuki, Tokyo, Japan

2002                 “Flying Frying Pan” Prinz, Kyoto, Japan

2001                 “KAMI/Demolition” Photo Gallery International, Tokyo, Japan

1999                 “Waterfall Watchers” Photo Gallery International, Tokyo, Japan

1995                 “Flying Frying Pan” as a part of “Object, Faces and Anti- Narratives—

                          Rethinking Modernism”

1995                 Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo, Japan

1992                 “Game Over” PARCO Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

1984                 “Flying Frying Pan” Zeit-Foto Salon, Tokyo, Japan

1982                 “Floating Around” Galerie Stadtpark, Graz, Austria

1982                 “Dark Changes” Photo Gallery International, Tokyo, Japan

1979                 “Floating Around” Ginza Nikon Salon, Tokyo, Japan

1976                 “Floating Around” Gallery Shunju, Tokyo, Japan

1975                 “Quiet Days” Gallery Shunju, Tokyo, Japan


Group Exhibitions

2019                 “Monochrome Collection of Fugensha”,Fugensha Gallery,Tokyo,Japan

                          "20th Anniversary Show - Part I Photography", MIYAKO YOSHINAGA

                          Gallery, New York, USA

2018                 “How Many Miles to Babylon?” MIYAKO YOSHINAGA Gallery, New York,


2018                 “Artists from Yonezawa” Yonezawa Citizens Gallery, Yonezawa,Japan

2016                 “LE BAL Hommage à Etsuro Ishihara “ ZEIT-FOTO SALON, Tokyo, Japan

                          “Yonezawa Art Now Number 1” Yonezawa Citizens Gallery, Yonezawa, 


2014-18            “Fuji Film Photo Collection: My Single Photo – A Collection of Single

                          Photographs from Doyens of Japanese Photographic History” FUJIFILM

                          SQUARE, Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, and others, Japan

2013                 “18 Photographers: Collection of Kushiro Art Museum” Kushiro Art

                          Museum, Kushiro, Japan

2007                 “Japan Caught by Camera—Works from the Photographic Art in Japan”

                          Shanghai Museum, Shanghai, China

2006                 “Mite! Okayama” (produced by Amelia Arenas) Okayama Prefectural

                          Museum of Art, Okayama City, Japan

2003                 “Original Prints of Alumni” (in commemoration of the 30th anniversary of

                          Original Print Collection by Nihon University’s Photography Department)

                          Tokyo, Art Archive of Nihon University College of Arts, Japan

2000                 “Japanese Contemporary Photography” touring throughout Germany

1998                “Futurology of Photographs” (an inkjet-printing project by 17 artists)

                          Epson Imaging Gallery/EPSITE, Tokyo, Japan

1996                “New Japanese Photography in 1990s: The Resonance of

                          Unconsciousness” Yokohama Civic Art Gallery, Yokohama, Japan

1996                “Japanese Photography of Today” touring in Spain

1985                 “Paris-New York-Tokyo” Tsukuba Museum of Photography, Ibaragi, Japan

1983                 “Japanese Art of Today” Museum of Art & History, Geneva, Switzerland

1982                “Three Japanese Visions” Focus Gallery, San Francisco, California, USA

1981                “8 x10” Susan Spiritus Gallery, Newport Beach, California, USA

1974                “Quiet Days” (joint exhibition) Musée Nicéphore Niépce, Chalon-sur-

                         Saone, France



The Nobuo Ina Award of Nikon Salon, Tokyo, 2010



“BLACKOUT” l’Artiere, Italy, 2018


“Gakko; Maronie-dori kara Arch wo Kugutte (School: Walking Through the Arch from Horse Chestnut Street)” Bungei Shunju-sha, Tokyo, 2010

“Flying Frying Pan” Shazow Kobo, Tokyo, 1997

“Yagate Hito ni Ataerareta Toki ga Michite... (The Time Given to Man Shall Lapse Sometime and…)” in collaboration with author Natsuki Ikezawa, Kawade Shobo Shinsha, Tokyo, 1996



LACMA, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, USA

MoPA, Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego, USA

Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, USA

Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo, Japan

The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, Japan

Kushiro Art Museum, Hokkaido, Japan

Bibliothèque Nationale de France, France

Art Archive of Nihon University College of Arts, Japan

Fuji Film, Tokyo, Japan